Hard to Keep Track

"Caliphate Universal or Communist Universal? I see ValJar more on the latter end of that."
Posted by: steveegg

Well, folks here should feel free to correct any mis-perceptions on my part, but Val works for the Saudis, as does Huma, and the head of the CIA (was it NSA?) is Muslim... right? Hard to keep track.

Like the choomster in chief himself, the mix of Islam and Commie and Homo and Black Liberationist seems irrational, but rationality is our value, not theirs.

Strange bedfellows, like gays and feminists who attack Christianity but mollycoddle Islam, or seeming partnerships of Fundamentalist Islam and atheist Communism, seem incomprehensible until we remember they're all the nefarious work of one enemy, arrayed against God, civilization, and the truly faithful of Christ. This planet needs an exorcism. Quick! Hello, Mr Jesus?