A Mindful Webworker
July 7, 2014 at 10:24 am

Thanks, Pete. Mentioned this post over on Ace.

Bush did good and ill, but whatever his unwise decisions and shortcomings, his character is admirable. He seems sincere.

The day he took office I saw a photo of him at a desk, reading glasses on, looking ordinary; I knew absolutely he would never be canoodling in a closet with an intern, that the hideous hillbilly rapist was out, finally!! We celebrated like the end of a war.

And if by then I didn’t thank God enough that we had avoided President Gore by millimeters, I certainly was thankful after 2001/9/11.

And whatever the mess we were in by the time of his re-election , I still praise heaven that we avoided President Kerry, again by millimeters.

I’m having a little trouble understanding just what the Most Highs are up to permitting Obama to subsequently be inflicted upon us, but if nothing else, the lying, insincere, mugging, preening, stuttering Speech Reader in Chief sure makes GWB look great, honorable, noble, and almost missed. (Almost, in that, no, I don’t wasn’t GWB or Jeb or any Bush ever again, I want someone better than Reagan.)

Again, thanks Pete.

Posted yesterday, here’s Part 4 of that ongoing project. As before, an early edit, not posted “public,” nor on my website yet, even. Just for m’frenz. Parts 1-3 linked in the vid’s description.

Pretense – the purposeless prayer of the proud President (2:10)

Part 5, the best part yet IMO, wouldn’t upload, due, so I gather, to my lack of comprehension of WTF I’m really doing trying to smash videos together with my Primitive Sledgehammers of Editing. I’ll start some new “concussive maintenance” techniques this morning.