HBD Sarah Palin

HBD Sarah Palin. 50 looks good on you.

I must admit, it was the HillBuzz guy's enthusing about Sarah that actually got me to look at her, and in turn she got me kind-of excited about politics again, no easy feat after my life of deep political cynicism going back to Johnson.

I got an actal thrill when I saw the pic of Palin And West meeting - I think the last time I felt that about politics was when my little sister and I got our pic taken with Senator and Pres candidate Barry Goldwater.

I'm more sober now, a terrible election later, but I remain reinvigorated about politics -- even hopeful (but then, I reside in a true-blue state of hope). Thanks, Sarah. Keep fightin', mama Grizzley.

Wow, I'm commenting more than I'm reading. I should try to shut up now....