Help! I'm stuck in the ONT thread and can't get out!

Help! I'm stuck in the ONT thread and can't get out!

Hey, Sly! I've been wanting to haul some out since a couple days ago when everybody is a star got stuck in my head. So, since mt cody mentioned it (ad first)

OOoo! A survey!
Oldest brother -Apolitical? We don't talk much.
Older sister -Hard-core Obamunist for life
Older brother -certifiable and estranged
Younger sister -Hard-core Obamunist for life
Mom's rule: No talking politics in her house.

Wife's family: hard-core Chicago Irish Catholic Democrats and lots of 'em; you do the math. Might not be all-Obama, but certainly not pro-Romney. Maybe one or two of the grandkids are thinkers. Maybe. We don't really know because, Wife's rule: No talking politics with her relatives.

Our own three kids, at least, know which side of the ballot to mark, and why. One is out there arm-wrestling with the lefties at work and online. Another is subtly persuading her leftish coworkers and friends with leading questions and subtle reasoning. So, there's that.

It's quite a show, isn't it? One might say, almost, revolutionary.