hetero marriage

" All factors being equal -- the health of the relationship, economic stability, etc., -- a hetero marriage is the superior environment for raising children."

Heh. Decades ago, CompuServe Issues forum, I got serious blowback when I suggested, not just het pair, but "all else equal," the actual bio parents are best for the kids. Pro-adopts argued, ignoring the "all else equal" aspect.

In practice, all is rarely equal, and in some cases, a kid might be better off with caring, respectful group gay parents than a brutal, drunken pair of bio het parents. A female Olympic weight-lifter may have more upper-torso strength than most men, too but she doesn't change the average significantly.

My 2c for today. Since I'm sitting here writing all serious you guys, with my usual timing, I figure the horde has moved on to the next thread, right?....