Hi Yo Pizza Roll

It's 100℉-plus here. Too hot to think clearly.

Almost like it was mid-July in Oklahoma or something.

(Few things will get me fondly recalling my days Up North, but this would be a nice time to take a drive to Door County - and listen to the locals gripe about the 76℉ heat!)


It's just kinda funny that merely seeing Clayton and Jay in a commercial can make me all happy, and not a little nostalgic of course. Moore always played it straight! I liked the way the Ranger waved off the snacks, but Tonto starts stuffing his pouch with them (Tonto always complained that the Ranger never thought about where the next meal was coming from. "Silver bullets don't grow on trees, kimo sabe!")

Were any other folks in that commercial celebs I was supposed to recognize? I didn't.


New slogans for the Democrats? "We're not the other guys" wasn't good enough?

How about, "We'll say we'll do what Trump is already doing because that's what you want, but we can't admit it!"

Too wordy? Howzabout,

"Vote for the Swamp"