History Before the Internet

>...anyone else questioning recent history, before the internet...?

A most excellent point, and I've been pondering much the same thing lately. I have never been pro-Left, but I know now we weren't getting the Right info in the past, if we were only getting the news from the LaughingStock Media. Nowadays, talking with folks who still get their news only from Time and NBCBABCNNS, it's difficult to correct the dis- and mis-information propaganda. They may have an inkling the messmedia is left-leaning, but have no idea how they're leaning so far they're horizontally in bed with.

Now, we have to guard against the unimaginable but entirely possible domination of this medium, as well.

In addition to worrying about Congress waking up to the Libyan scam, the global elite is also concerned about a diverse liberty movement that has grown exponentially with the help of an open and free internet.

In response, the pocketed pawns in Congress have introduced a raft of bills over the last few months designed to take down the internet and blunt its impact as a medium for alternative news and information.

--Kurt Nimmo (InfoWars): Bilderberg Agenda Leaked