Hot battlefield in the war in Heaven

» From the vantage point of 2014, that reads like a progress report.

rickl, I should stop and read the list again, I suppose. I didn't yet. It's like watching Wonderful Life — I think I've long since got the whole thing memorized, and b) plenty of reminders in the headlines every day.


I think I've just had an apostophe:

In the "war in Heaven," our world is still a hot battlefield.

Like some island where they didn't yet get the memo that the war is over; or where despite the larger victory, we're obliged to settle matters locally, Prime Directively as it were.

The rebel Prince of this world was dethroned, but not perp-marched - yet - because we haven't chosen as a world between the clearly opposite positions.The Devil continues to put forth his nefarious, blasphemous sophistries. Christ lets his life and true followers testify for Our Father, Art, in Heaven. Our world is like Americans before WW2, some supporting Germany, many undecided, much ill-informed, muddy, vacuous thinking; then came a time of choosing, clarity, requiring a choice of personal alignment.

Times of choosing happen suddenly. Best choose sides early. The reckoning will come you know not when, like the thief in the night.


Have a day, folx.