How CAN one completely de-Google-ize?

How CAN one completely de-Google-ize?

Avoid the search engine, except they've got the best picture search, I think, and I use that a lot. I haven't given Bing a full comparison on that score, but, but Bing's just MS instead of Google. And I'd like to de-MS-ize, as well, right?

Then there's YouTube. Everything's on YouTube. Easy to access, embed, and did I mention everything's on YouTube. If it's not, it's a hassle. And guess who owns YouTube. Go on, guess.

Then there's Google Statistics. I've got that attached to my website. Beats the built-in stats for the website management software, but, but, that's the very heart of the matter, Google stats and their use, right?

Then I got this cell, and it's based on .. hm.. something called Android. Who's that? MS? Apple? IBM? NoNoNo, it's... guess who, again! Monitoring your every keystroke. How handy voice-to-text is.

How does one starve a beast that big?