How our little web has grown in 18 years!

Besides being Green Beer Day, tomorrow is also the 18th anniversary of the day I first put a page up on the web.

My goodness, how our little web has grown in 18 years. And so has my website.

I didn't know what to do with a website at first. I started by advertising (semi-seriously) my 25c print mini-comics.

Then I put a "sample" comic up. Then the light bulb went off. Unlike my blurry, xerographed, monochrome print mini-comics, the cartoon on-line was sharp (as much as monitors of the day permitted), and wow! sixteen whole colors! Four times as many as print!

It took me a few days, but that's when I realized Print is Finally Dead. I've been loading comics, opinions (of course), VR worlds, songs, noises, vids, and all kinds of nonsense and drivel onto my website ever since.

At first I didn't have a domain; my site was on that spin-off of CompuServe known as Sprynet. Something like, IIRC.

Sprynet got eaten by MindSpring. MindSpring got eaten by EarthLink. The Sprynet site was good all the way through, until the EarthLink account eventually got dropped. By that time, the site was just pages that forwarded to the domain. But, History lost.

I can't even remember getting the domain name, but apparently I did. I'd published the mini-comics for years under "Little Mindless Publications," but the website became "Mindful Webworks," just to go upscale. I was getting old.

Now, there's about five hundred webworks under several topical albums, nearly seven hundred random "daily doodles," and just for fun a giant 'blog heap o' links' that I maintained for many years and lately have been trying to revive...

(Continued... so I have TWO tl;dr posts not just one!)