How to Talk to Narcissists

FenelonSpoke: Anyway it feels bad. Sorry to blather on.

Appreciated the link to the article about how to talk to Narcissists. Funny how I only became acutely aware of the pervasiveness of Narcissism after the rise of the SCOAMF.

Sympathy, FS, for the boy barking at you. My understanding is his type feels much more strongly, so, harder for them to make those critical social weighings which most of us would use to judge when something is appropriate or not. Beautiful minds, differently wired.

About the only reason I ever laid into one of my sons was sassing his momma badly. I kinda lost it. He was taller & tougher than me by that time, though, so I mostly hurt myself.

Howdy, Hordelings. Just passing through on my way from hither to yawn.