Humorless Anonymous?

Christopher Taylor: I have no sense of humor that I'm aware of.

Ah. Noted. FBI? or MiB?

CT: just wanted to make sure people understood...

Sure, and such pedantry is fine per se, but as a reply, note that the punch of my saying that I would boycott the popcorn was predicated on folks knowing what you explained, in that only the theater owner would be hurt and Disney/Marvel would get their cash, thus rendering the "boycott" ineffective but to see it, one must pay admission whereas one need not buy popcorn so it's like cutting corners, just the wrong corner. Ha ha ha.

Also, saying you killed the joke was a joke.

Also, FBI? or MiB? was a joke.

And voxplaining my joke to death was a joke.

Have you tried Humorless Anonymous? We're here to help you learn to laugh. Or at least smirk knowingly.