I can make it pretty, but it's harder than walking backward

You know, I am on the far side of 60 and, while I did write in cursive when I was very young, I have not done so in decades. Not actually sure I still can. -Peaches

I'm only 59 and 22 months myself, Peaches.

Although I have lapsed in recent months, I started keeping a journal a couple of years ago, just writing in it something daily. Took a while to get back into it, but even my awful handwriting started looking better, with practice. Filled several blank booklets.

What was it, 4th grade? I began to realize, the girls had perfect classic cursive and I was going to forever be stuck with my awkward chicken scratches. I can make it pretty, but it's harder than walking backward.

Think of how the brain is employed in typing. Then think of what you do in handwriting, much less cursive. Different brain, almost. And long thought required as opposed to babbling as fast as fingers can fly.

Also, if you're not too good at out-loud or in-your-head conversations with the Almighty, it's not a bad way to get some thoughts out.

Now having said this... I need to get back to it again.