I don't mean to interpret scripture

"I'm willing to bear that cross. C'mon God gimme that cross! Please? Pretty please?" -Insomniac

You couldn't handle it. - George Soros




Post muffins. mmmm.

"The Bible promises I linked are IMO, not about material prosperity."

I was mostly thinking of this one.

"...And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches...,"

And always, I don't mean to interpret scripture — I meant how some others have interpreted "riches," "victory," etc. Out of context and overly literally.

FS: "...On the other hand, material blessings may be a cross for others and God allows them this cross to see how the handle it in respect to their religious faith."

All I could say to that is: yup, seen that aplenty. On with this glorious day...!