I Thought Maet Was Joking

Good Evening. Good Grief!

Almost 1000 comments? What's the what th?

And I thought Maet was joking when he said last night that he'd be taking tonight off.

Just what I needed to find after spending half a day trying to get the internet and the intranet to talk to one another.

I think the wireless router may need replacing. Alas, another expense to add to a long list recently.

Called the cable company just to have them verify that the modem looked like it was good on their end. The service guy said the modem was working but the router needed this and that reset.

After not being able to figure out what he had told us, called cable company back and that led to the best line of the day:

2nd cable tech guy: Everything that first cable tech guy told you is wrong.

Wanna smack somebody.