I Try to Explain, No Mouse INside

Dump, now with music videos? What's next, an astrology column? crossword puzzle?

My little fuzzy yellow kitty guy just brought a good-sized mouse in the house. As usual, I yell and chase, trying to get him to take it back outside, but, no, he drops the mouse and then goes outside, without it. As usual. At least this time it was dead and I didn't have to chase it; those scenes are always "hilarious."

I try to explain, no mouse INside. Keep your mouses OUTside. (Inside and outside are words we have tried to teach all the pets.) He's dining on it OUTside now. Kittehs - they're so cuuuute... most of the time... little killer carnivores.

Can't really complain when they earn their keep by keeping the vermin down, but... bleagh!