I Was Right About All the Sour Faces

bluebell #127: I suspect we are looking at that moment in time right before the miraculous wine is handed round. That's why Jesus looks so pensive; He knows that This Is It. The steward on the lower left is handing the first glass to the master of the house to taste.

Aha! So I was right about all the sour faces. They're all just getting the news that the wine had run out...

It was Jesus' fault the wine ran out in the first place. Buncha uninvited folks showed up unexpectedly just because he was supposed to be there.

He was kind-of oblivious to this, though. When Mary told him about it, he says, "What've I got to do with that?" But then Mary gets the sadz, and, zap, instant wine. Who can resist a mom's tears!! Jesus was actually the most surprised at what he'd done.