If the UN Troops Come in

Wild Bill for America says if the UN troops come in to protect the li'l alien chilluns, it may finally be time to go hot. I haven't watched a Wild Bill for a few months, so I was pretty shocked. I might have said something like that a year ago, but as Wild Bill said himself, he would not have, a year ago. He called for sheriffs across the country to threaten to arrest any blue-helmet guys.

If it were just some tinfoil hat dude, like that Greene guy at AMTV, or that hilarious crank Whatever Happened to Common Sense guy who pumps out seems like a dozen vids a day, I'd laugh.

Bill, so I gather, is in with active Tea Partiers, various law enforcement agencies, Oathkeepers. His statements presumably reflect widely-held views (for certain definitions of widely). When Bill starts talking about employing firepower, I take it seriously.

Sorry, no link. YouTube and my cell don't like each other lately.