It's all about spirit

Good morning. Gray light in the East. Autumnal weather predicted. Chance of divine intervention in global spiritual crisis is 50%.

It's all about spirit. Every major topic (possibly excepting pointy elbows) is about Reality and its opponents.

True Disciples of the Prince of Deception have the mark of the beast in their shifty eyes and nervous speech and endless body tells.

Mere Followers of the Lie cannot reason effectively, instead responding propagandistically, and their morals and principles are, at best, confused, at worst, non-existent.

It's not about different ideas or reaching across the aisle or getting along. This is the ongoing war in Heaven begun eons ago. No fence-sitting possible.

Truth. Accept no substitutes.

(Gasping for air, wondering how I got up on this stack of soapboxes so early in the day, hitting the floor hard.)