Jesus was Buff

That's a sweet scene. Reindeer, zebra, and moose. Just like it says in scripture. Is that an angel or a cat-girl? And, behind the moose antler... is that a leprechaun? (One must interpret such exegesis by carefully reading between the lines.)

Jesus [i]was[/i] buff. Carpentry in those days was not done with power tools. And as some on AoS were mentioning the other day about a painting of Peter, hauling in nets full of fish will give you Popeye arms. By sheer appearance alone, I think Jesus must have been impressive.

He was the epitome of manly. One of the most memorable things I've ever read was (in my own parlance) that hearty Galilean fisherman did not lay down their lives to follow some mincing mallboy snowflake.

The neighbors across the road have a Christmas creche set out, all lit up, nobody there yet. As it's supposed to be.