Josiah the Blind Man

There wasn't much for a blind man to do but beg in those days. Josiah, at least, had a good high-traffic spot near the healing pool.

Blind from birth, Josiah didn't complain about his lot. Could be worse. At least he didn't have leprosy.

One day, Josiah overheard some strangers talking nearby, one saying he proposed to use Josiah. Suddenly, there was mud on his eyelids. WTF, thought Josiah? That's spit!

He got up, stumbled down the steps to the pool, washed off the mud, and discovered he could, for the first time in his life, see!

He didn't ask for it. He didn't know who his benefactor had been. He didn't even know what to do, so, at first, he went back to his usual begging spot, but folks pretty quickly took note that the old blind guy could see. Word got around, and the authorities heard about it.

And he gave great testimony.