Just Due Credit

Your reply wasn't threaded to mine, so I just found it.

>>Yes I shamelessly stole and altered Ramirez’ cartoon. Now you’re making me feel very much not shameless. Dang. Must go and find some OTHER graphic to swipe.

Um.. Sorry if I was unclear. I only meant a little line of credit to the cartoonist might be added. I thought your use of the cartoon was okay. I hadn't seen that one before.

I mean, that's just me, and his syndicate's lawyers may think differently, but mainly folks nowadays know stuff is used and re-used, and just want a line of credit. I am no lawyer but since you're not re-using a graphic for profit, not trying to pass it off as your own, but valid political re-statement, so it's a fair-game kind of thing, like news photos. Hope so, anyway, considering all the stuff I'm always re-using.