Kids Today Are Tremendously Confused

FenelonSpoke: ...or is it the stupid idea that if you have a crush-as it were on someone of the same sex-without actually having any sort of intimate relations with them that you must not be 100% heterosexual.

Kids today are tremendously confused.

Confession. Last century, on a CompuServe forum (pre-Internet), I briefly took the smartass stance of "being bi" in the sense of being able to - intellectually - appreciate the sexuality of menfolk, as they seem to women, along with my natural appreciation of gals.

I don't remember how I got into that. It was more about language than sexuality, I think. Mostly I remember my debate correspondent insisting that unless one had actual sexual contact, it didn't count. What? I knew I liked girls long before I had contact!

I was having fun. Being an idiot. I sure hope all those forum posts got Hillaried decades ago. I have a bunch of my own stuff stored on 5" floppies that can only be read by a Shack Model I computer, so they're secure.