Latest fun pet report is about Merlin

Greetings, pet-owned Morons!

Latest fun pet report is about Merlin, the in-town cat.

Unlike the kitteh quartet at home, Merlin's only animal companion is Defender Doggie, when we bring Dog into town each day. Otherwise, he's by himself, as far as four-footers go.

See why he's the lonely in-town kitteh in Merlin's tale, April 9 Pet Thread:

Merlin does get out now and then, but he rarely gets out of sight of the office front door. Lolls on the pavement, chews some grass.

There's a vet's a couple doors down, and we think partly because of them, there are occasional wild cats roaming around. Lately we've been seeing a black one, which looks pretty much just like Merlin except for Merlin's white socks.

Merlin has seen the stray, too, and we've seen Merlin race from one window to another to watch it go by.

Well, the other evening, Merlin got out and we didn't see him for a while. Then in the dim light, Milady saw a black glob she thought might be Merlin. Turns out it was Merlin and the stray black cat, hanging out close to one another. Stray ran off as Milady approached.

Daughter caught Merlin & stray hanging out together again last night. It's nice that Merlin has a kitteh buddy, but kinda sad it's not domesticated. Not that we need another cat at the office, but at least they get along.

Don't even know if it's another male, but I suspect not, else there'd be more quarreling. We'll see how the relationship goes.

That's my story for the day. Now to go check the post pix & comments.