Light Bulb Explodes Over Someone's Head

Reading through the comments, I read aloud to Milady:

365 F**K a light bulb just exploded over my head.
Posted by: The Political Hat

She replied (paraphrasing) this is what I love about the commenters on Ace. Light bulb explodes over someone's head and what do they do? Clean it up? No, they comment about it!

Well, let's see how this day went:

Got up, bright and sunny, started the day right with the morning thread.

Felt the 5.1 Oklahoma earthquake many miles away.

Milady and I had a good lunch of eggs, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas.

Pet thread somewhere in there. Bragged about doggie.

Went to town. Read that Scalia died, headed right to AoS, which was on it of course.

Had to quit that to go do laundry (see comment #2).

Milady made great from-scratch pizza. Daughter dropped by, watched some videos, including Mark Dice on Scalia death conspiracy theories (sigh!).

Headed home, had a drink, plowed through ONT comments, and now...

I'm ready to rest up to face another amazing day.

Life is what it is. Take it easy.

Good night, whoever's still hanging around.

ICYMI, 20sec video webwork, "Trump is a Class Act"