Lineament, Pride and Tape

I guess I saw this back in April. Wasn’t here? Amazing, though, thanks for the incentive to watch it again.

I hate the format of these shows. I have no idea what’s going on with the buzzers and the glitter and all that. If they would just show the act instead of cutting away to all those… never mind.

Her amazing workout reminds me of these lyrics from Steve Goodman’s song, Old Smoothies.

Where did they get the stamina?
How did they stay in shape?
I bet that took the lion’s share
Of lineament, pride and tape.

Lyrics here

Aha! Found the audio on Got to often see and sort-of know Steve during our years in Chicago. A great, great talent, gone too soon, d@mned cancer. Be warned, the song might agitate involuntary lacrymation.