Mad Manic Robin

"Robin Williams was mentally ill"

I was young when I first saw Mork, and maybe I didn't apply the word "manic," but I recognized the condition. You know there were places in the M&M scripts that just said, 'Williams does his thing here'? He was always manic, even if in later years it seemed masked; I had hoped he was mellowing with age, even if it meant less Morkishness for us. The tragedy is, everything that made him the comedic genius he was derived from being manic. Like an idiot savante,* his affliction and his talent were a package deal.

Depression and anguish are not requisite for comedic talent, but do seem to be part of a package for many.

* Heh. A rare instance of getting to switch the cell from English to French spellchecker, one of the few advantages of cell over desktop.

Did I write all that? Nood yet?