Mary Fallin, where you going to?

Replying to post headlined "Perry-Fallin 2012?" by Phineas, noting "Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin is presiding over a economic mini-boom in her state." Refers to her Fox & Friends interview

1. Please! Don't talk about taking away our new Governor so soon!

2. Fallin, maybe. Perry, meh. Fortunately, we have Sarah for teh win.

3. It's true as Dana says, Fallin hasn't been in long enough to get the credit. Like Perry, she has a lot going for her that's not hers. But she's been doing pretty well to earn some points.

Resisting 'Obamacare' -- "It was hard to reject such a large sum of money, Mrs. Fallin said [but] she was deeply skeptical that the administration would grant the promised flexibility in setting up exchanges."

Tax reform task force
"The task force makes recommendations on how to simplify the Oklahoma tax code for individuals and businesses." (My added emphasis)

She has also been talking up Oklahoma's attractive business climate. Okla.'s no Texas, but it's sure not California! She has talked about reducing bureacracy, lowering taxes. She took office talking about "right-sizing" the government. She's moving a little bit slowly and too incrementally for some folks, but makes the right noises so far.

Nobody's perfect, of course; like everybody she has her blind spots. Just hope she can follow through on her better rhetoric!