Masses can be Scary

I'm only up to #80 - I so behind!

JJ Sefton like sardines @ S&G reunion

I quit crowds after the day the Mrs & the 3 young kids & I stood at the water's edge on North Ave Beach to watch the Chicago air show. I suddenly realized we were being pushed out into the water and when I turned around, it was a mass of jostling humanity. We escaped quickly up the beach, and avoided Mass Humanity as a rule ever since.

Zappa - Beloit College homecoming band! (1 of only 2 good things to happen tome there, the other being the Mrs.) Saw the 200 Motels premiere with a genuine Zappa Groupie, was also the 1st movie our new baby attended (slept through it like a). His last (?) Chicago show - Frank introducing "Mr Sting" and gentlemanly taking The Coat from him was worth the price of admission. Seems there was another time; you'd think I'd remember....