Measuring People by Their Text

Since the days of BBSs and CompuServe, I have tried to maintain a liberal idea of the gender of text people if it's not evident. Measuring people by their character, not their gender, to rephrase MLK. And don't ask, because it won't matter, they could be lying.

Actually, though, our identity is part of our character. It really does make a difference, not about the points we make, but in getting to know one another, when reading, to know if someone is Catholic or Jewish, a blacque from Afrique or an Ango-Germanic boy from Okiehoma, and there's no character-shaping difference like Male and Female.

So while I try not to make presumptions, one has background operative assumptions, anyway. Which can be brought suddenly to the fore like this:

" due date arrived..." -panzernashorn

My picture of Panz just totally morphed.