Merry Christmas, Belatedly, and Happy 2017, Imminent

Hello! Merry Christmas, belatedly, and Happy 2017, imminently.

I might've snagged #1, but, just as I got to the pet thread, my little yellow fuzzy buddy Charlie came meowing at the front door to be let in.

Instead, I went out and sat down in a chair to enjoy the stillness and sunny warm-ishness. Charlie curled up in my lap and thus I was temporarily catalaptic, as we say.

I like warm days. Less wear & tear on the catboxes.

Last week's Pet Thread had a question about buying Christmas gifts for pets. Whoever had the dogs that knew their stockings - that was really cool.

We don't usually make a deal of it, but this year Milady bought Gimli the dog his own blanket, fuzzy with dog bone pattern. He seemed to realize it was his own and took to it right away.

He's had his own old ratty wool army blanket for a long time, so that may have helped with possession-recognition.

Gimli's still doing well, by the way; still no recurrence of the bleeding anus problem, whatever it was. Amen.

Milady and I are both at some stage of flu-ishness, but the pets all seem to be doing well; that's the important part.

So, pet people, happy seven swans a-swimming day.

Since it's still in the 12 Days, you can still catch my Christmas Webworkshop video, including my mortifyingly embarrassing proudest work, "Christmas Wrap." Linked in nic (my website) or at YouTube