Meta-Info on Images

Chrissie, did you put those two photo-comparisons together? Whether you did nor not, they're great, thanks. The one with Gollum is just too close a resemblance.



I don't know if you do this or not, chrissy, but, as you may know, all images have meta-fields for author, description, copyright, etc. and you should fill those in on your images when you can.

I don't always remember to do so, even after decades of on-line graphic creation and all kinds of scripts on my paint program to help me do it! But, see, if I'm wondering where an on-line image originated, I check the meta-info first (image properties are a right-click away on Opera browser). It sometimes reveals info. Filling in those fields on an image just might sometimes help identify images as yours when they get "borrowed un-credited," off-site.

When people copy and re-save images, also when our webware re-sizes images, that meta-info can get lost, but it's a good signature.