Mom Turned 95 Yesterday

Morning, Glories.

Mom turned 95 yesterday. Milady, daughter, and I got down to spend the afternoon with her. The Family Crowd is coming in for the big party this weekend, but we got to share the real day with her quietly. Still on her pins (if wobbly), still has her wits. Still interested to see What Comes Next. Inspiring.

Cat missing. If you see an old gray cat, please call. He didn't show up for dinner last night, which is not uncommon, but he wasn't on the porch this morning waiting for breakfast, and that's a serious worry. He's a cat of habit. The high-grass areas got cut for hay yesterday. I hope the old fool didn't get caught up in that. Sparky, where are you?

Poppins made it to the meet-up, I see? Cool. Hope that was enjoyable for you, MP4. But... you've told that WC Fields story before. [grin]

And Vic is back! At least some things are right with the world this morning.

Now to finish scanning the early thread, then see what BenK thinks is worth reading, just for fun.

In case I don't get back, have a day.