Music in my Fillings

Our low-watt college radio station broadcast on 88.1, bottom of the FM band. Audio for broadcast TV channel 6 is just below that. Old pharts may remember we used to have fine-tuning dials on the TV. If your TV was a bit out of tune, you might pick up our station as the TV ch6 audio.

So my station manager warned me. And, sure enough, one night, I got a call from a local resident complaining about getting our station over the TV and complaining about what I was playing. (I think I was running a theme of rock drug songs and related; this was 1971, not that outrageous.)

I explained about adjusting the tuning on her TV, and she said, she didn't care about the fact we were bleeding over into her Gunsmoke viewing. She just wanted to object to the content!

Okay, that wasn't too related to singing coffee pots, but when the heck else will I ever get a hook to tell my ancient tale? :)