Seamus: Great looking dog. D'aaaww.


Ricardo Kill: " some point the far off look in their eyes as they just stared into the distance..."

I was dragged to a strip club once, utterly against my will, of course, but I did my best to "fit in." Didn't work. As a young lass was writhing in front of me, I noticed that, dangling from her G-string, was a $50 bill, and I made some remark of humorous acknowledgement. (It was not a noisy club at the time.)

Hearing my remark, the girl dropped completely out of character. "I know!" she laughed, and told us some story of the guy who'd dropped it on her. Not so much a buzz kill as a sexiness evaporation, as she was suddenly just standing there talking to us like my cousin.

I kinda liked it better.

Distant cousin, okay?