Never laughed so hard watching a debate

I never laughed so hard watching a debate, ever, as I did watching Mr. Weasle Face on the split screen while the Principal schooled him. Betsey Ross is really right, I deem, about his (attempted) game face. There were <sarc>subtle little tells,</sarc> though, like that twitching jaw muscle.

Concern time: "Oh, Obama lost so bad" as a universal reaction in the media makes my (and others) suspicions about the long-term game plan. BO as a comeback kid in the later debates. Not that I think he can pull it off, just that one might suspect that was the journolists' planned and intended meme. Which would mean of course that O "threw" this round.

Unconcern time: But then, if boobs like me can think of these things, I don't think Mr. Romney will be surprised. For now, I can continue chortling!