Never, Never, Ever, Call the Cops to "Teach Your Kid a Lesson"

real ch3: "I thought this never happened to white kids."

This is really horrible. Never, never, ever, call the cops to "teach your kid a lesson."

Have to note, though, that the father actually said his son was "turning his life around." Hoo-boy!

Long ago, I was arguing with my son outside our business, and cops got called. Son got charged with domestic violence for beating me up, despite me standing there telling the officer we were just loud, not physical. (I may have semi-playfully kicked son in the butt at one point, as we argued, but son took karate; could've kicked me in half if he'd been of a mind to.)

As a bonus, I got to see how the cops lie - initial report I saw in court said something about me lifting my pants leg to show where son'd kicked me - and even altered arrest reports - that part disappeared from the report later. All SOP, apparently, in Law Law Land.

But at least my son lived.

Not down on cops, generally. System sucks, on the whole, and I sympathize that domestic violence calls must be a prime driver of booze sales at cop bars. But some cops could do better.