New Madrid

New Madrid... First read about the possible effects of "if it happened today" some forty years ago. I think the article said they thought it likely to happen in the next 50 years...

Article was in the Chicago Tribune. Said the old sandy shores around Lake Michigan would, basically, "liquify," and any structures not properly constructed would become uninhabitable. Not to mention all the infrastructure ruined, gas lines rupturing, water lines broken, roads unnavigable. And that's just Chicago, hundreds of miles from the epicenter.

About the only place to ride it out in Chicago? Top of the Hancock, built with whatchacall rolling caissons (?) and shock-absorber base. (I've been up there when it's just wobbling in the wind; it's weird.) Of course, you would lose power, and be surrounded by devastation, but at least you'd be okay while the booze held out.