New Wrinkles in Time

“Disney’s $100 million gamble to turn the classic children’s book 'A Wrinkle in Time'…"

There was an adaptation years ago which I remember as being pretty close to the books. I have to dig my copy from the catacombs (it may be on some antiquated medium - probably zip drive or 8" floppy), but I think it was this 2010 movie on iMDB. If you can find it!

Enjoyed the book as a young teen, enjoyed reading it with Milady early in our days together, enjoyed reading the whole series with our kids. I'm blocking this remake out the way I did the Miracle on 34th Street remake with the Jurassic Park old guy (instead of the REAL Santa Claus of the original movie). They learned nothing from "Womyn Ghostbusters." And why would you mess with Meg, already one of greatest women heroes in literature?

I'm surprised to find there's some debate on the "Christian vs not" of Wrinkle in Time. But there is similar debate about Lord of the Rings and probably Narnia, so…

The heart of the first book, for me is, when one of the witches is transporting the kids, they reach a point where they can look back and see our world, along with other worlds, enveloped in a great shadow, but that from this new perspective, they can see that the shadow is a very small blot in proportion to the universe of light.

Because that's universal truth right there.