Nothing surprising, unfortunately

Zil, I got caught up on a month's worth of Gates of Vienna yesterday, and found a few links I thought I'd post here. (Was going to email them to you, but I don't have your email address.) Weird to go back over a month of news, realizing how much goes by so fast in the news cycles cyclones. "One thing pushes out another" as Mr Butterburr said to Frodo.

Fighting in the Way of Allah — Against the USA -- CNN report "gives some insight into why a permanent solution in Afghanistan remains persistently over the horizon."

Same thing, closer to home:
Proselytizing for the Mahdi at Lackland AFB -- "chapel converted to a mosque on the base. In effect, the U.S. government has become an official sponsor of the Mahdi...."

Col. Allen West Has Them -- "A notable (and dismaying) aspect of the following news video is that neither the news presenters nor the people interviewed on the street seem to have any familiarity with the single-word quote, much less understand its significance."

Michael Coren on Sharia vs. the US Constitution

Is YouTube Shariah-Compliant? -- "YouTube... has begun to take their videos down just because they dare to speak critically about Islam."

Countdown to 9-11 -- "Anjem Choudary and Muslims Against Crusades now eagerly await the tenth anniversary of 9-11… Vlad Tepes has turned the group’s animated graphic into a video, just in case they decide to take it down."

Nothin' you (and folks who read your blog) didn't already know, or at least would surprise you. Sad to say.