NY Daily News was sickening

Geller, not Gellar, right? Or is this some AoSHQ stylebook thing? I read someone saying one is Geller one is Gellar, but I have no idea what that boob was talking about.

Jammie's quote from NY Daily News was sickening. But, to paraphrase a different headline, another enemy self-identifies. Who's keeping the list for the burning times?

The ones I can't quite figure are the Hebdo survivors who are hating on Geller. Non-survivors unavailable for comment.

If piss christ had inspired equivalent response from some Christian Militia cult, no one would be blaming Mapplethorpe.

The religions of "kill the infidel" and "love your enemy"* inherently cannot co-exist.

*(Love one's enemy, I say, even if you have to gun them down before they can attack a crowd. "Bless you, son. BANG BANG")