Observations From the Day

Observations from the day:

❶ Wedding today had a higher proportion of ink and metal (tats and piercings) than I've ever seen at a wedding. Nice ceremony, though.

❷ Dog is recovering, slowly, from whatever rattled him yesterday. Came in out of the rain and shook next to me, so, normal behavior in that regard.

❸ Apparently, it's raining.

And from tonight's ONT...

➃ If pain lets you know you're alive, by golly, lately, I'm SO ALIVE! But, I disagree with someone upthread: thing I don't like about pain is, it hurts. Just keep on keepin' on - what else is there to do? Just like muh good doggie!

➄ Pachelbel's Canon in a minor key was interesting.

➅ Mental aberrations - I'd almost always suspect the drugs first. Prayers for publius's family and all those facing the mind's conflicts.

➆ And, yes, the first part of Up is one of the most impressive self-contained bits of cinema.

That may be about all I have to say for tonight. I'll let you know for sure after I brush the tooth.