Oddly, I've been perfectly clear about Benghazi

Oddly, I've been perfectly clear about Benghazi since that night.

I also know what difference it makes.

Just checked the archives under Benghazi for my own earliest. hmmm

A Mindful Webworker
Commented on: Ace of Spades
Wed 2012 Sep 26, 11:35pm

The whole Benghazi thing was an attempt to "do Carter right" by staging a hostage situation and TFG got shafted, someone says. I think that's the message here. Sad how likely this sounds, isn't it!

And the scandalous video nobody ever saw was part of a conspiracy of Islaminazis. To, you know, show how despicable the West is and enrage rageboys, I guess.

Then there's the "'large number' of shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles and "2,000 semiautomatic rifles and ammunition" missing in Libya.
The War News Updates guy remarks, "ominous."