Of Mice and Rabbits

Thanks for that Ike speech, Andy.

Just as I sat down with my first cup of the day, to see what HQ had to say, Little Gray walks in the front door carrying someone in her mouth, someone nearly as big as she is.

Hilarity, as ever, ensued.

What I first took to be a huge rat, fortunately, turned out to be a young (older than baby) bunny. Much easier to catch.

Of course, proving to the clowder once again what a Mighty Hunter I am not, I took the trembling little guy out to the edge of the tall grass and let him go.

Probably cat bites have already doomed him. But he was cute, hopping off. Immediately wished I'd taken pix.

Morning, Glories. Nothing like chasing a bunny around the house to get the gears greased!