Okay, small dents

Okay, small dent above the window on the rear driver's side, and a bigger dent in the door that can probably be popped out. (That's the dog's door, so very important that it still opens okay!) As penalty for parking my truck under a known hazard, I'll take it and say, I got off really easy for a fool.


Stringer, Ricardo - I believe in happenstance, mainly, and seeming (but not really) randomness. Luck is post-happenstance posturing, but I still count my blessings. And I already have a lottery ticket.

It's family week. Relatives coming to my mom's from all over, many from Alaska, to celebrate mom's baby brother Ed's birthday. That's Ed whose "War Stories I have quoted here. That's where we'll be.

But l'll be keeping an edge on y'all.