Okla. tornado response

everyone moved on? .... (takes deep breath)

Okla. tornado response - naders happen frequently, and in nader country, all kinds of folks are ready to go whenever they hit. As the lady with the lost/found dog said to the reporter in front of the rubble that was her home, "I know exactly what happened!" Not like the coasts where no one could expect that a hurricane might damage a poorly-protected below-sea-level area!

And those volunteers I saw lined up looked like all kinds of color, and age, and gender. "Oklahomans" includes a fair share of FSA and race disharmonizers,, but mostly it's the melting pot's melting pot. That old Mexican who runs his cattle on the next ranch over may still have an accent and wear gaudy cowboy boots (but so did my eccentric grandfather), but he's more "assimilated" than just about any of the native born mall rat kids. Will Rogers' dad inherited two slaves, but they all just ended up being cowboys and friends, naming their kids after each other. It's not all like that, but that's the Okla I generally live in. It's all culture, really, not merely race.

And there was looting in Moore, but you'd have to be very very stupid, I'd think, 'cause there's more than a few folks around thar, LE or civ, who'd be happy to teach a looter what gun control really means.