Oklahoma rocks and rolls

♬ OOOOOooooklahoma, ♫
where the wind comes right behind the rain
and the waving EARTH
creates.. um.. such .. mirth ..

wait, whut?

To all the good, conservative people looking to escape der Pipples' Republik of California:

Consider the great state of Oklahoma.

The only state where 100% of our counties vote Republican (yeah, I know, but what were the choices?) in Presidential elections.

We're no Texas, yet, but our economy is good.

Oklahoma's rolling green hills, numerous natural and man-made lakes, vast prairies, and lovely woods can't match the Golden State's mountains, ocean, or redwoods.

But we go the extra mile to do our best to make you feel at home! Settle in the Oklahoma City area, and you'll fell right at home, but chances are there won't be any "big one" like California expects.

Chances are.