Only the Headlines, Thanks

"They only see the headline in any story and accept whatever they are told without question." That's no exaggeration, folks!

Milady Webworker reads deeply and broadly. She knows the knews! :)

Her childhood friend is now an actress whose name you might recognize.

While Milady managed to escape the atheistic thought-ghetto of Leftist Chicagoism in which she was raised, practically all of her old friends and family remain not just left but hard core left. As you can imagine, Milady rarely talks politics with them, which of course can be a real strain because with most of them (as you know) everything is politics.

Years ago, Milady was on the horn with her famous friend, and of course friend veered into politics. For the sake of friendship, Milady actually shaded the truth, demurring as if she didn't know much about things.

Famous friend scolded, "All you need to do is read the headlines! This has become a running gag with us ever since.

Never mind the "continued on page 20" where they buried the actual (and headline-contradicting) news in the 47th paragraph. Just read the headline!

And I don't think she meant Breitbart!! :D