Oral Roberts (big prophets)

Oral Roberts (big prophets)


Grew up watching him on TV... while looking for cartoons or something funny. A faith healer with the skills of PT Barnum or Cal Worthington.

By my HS Soph year, my folks divorced, remarried, and I got moved to Tulsa, less than two miles from ORU.

One day in our high school Sunday class, we had Rev Roberts as a guest. Long, long ago. What we talked about I have long since forgotten. Mostly I recall being impressed how that tent-revival TV huckster, offstage, was a quiet, well-spoken theologian and man of faith.

He really did facilitate healing, beginning when he was a young man. There are lots of fake faith healers, and certainly not every "cure" OR helped with was necessarily complete or lasting, but he brought faith, and hope, and freedom from fear and misery, and that's were healing most matters.

I deem, for all else, Oral Roberts was sincere, and never forgot whence healing comes.

The message of faith can use some good, honest salesmanship. If it requires a little carnival barking, that's the rubes for you.