Our daughter chose to go to public school

Our daughter chose to go to public school for Jr & Sr years. So many stories!

Our meeting with her counselor was a classic I must give full due some day. Best part was my taking our daughter out of the room for a moment, making her ditch the gum (!), and telling her when we went back in, it would be she, not me, sitting across from the counselor. Heh.

When we emerged, daughter had been advanced enough credits to graduate. I mean, real ones. She aced French 5 but had no cred for 1-4. Like that.

After us, they changed the way they dealt with the formerly homeschooled. (Not for the better IMO.)

On the DARE test is a question, do you know where to get drugs in school?

Daughter's friend later asks, what did you put?


Her friend proceeds to name and rate the various dealers in the school.

She did have one good physics course....